Springs for Horse-Drawn Vehicles

Springs For Horse-drawn Vehicles, Edited by Susan Green and Don Peloubet published by the Carriage Museum of America. Limited to 250 copies. 254 pages, 9″ x 12″ profusely illustrated. This the first comprehensive book on the subject of springs for the gears of horse-drawn vehicles. Other springs for horse-drawn vehicles might have been for the cushions, tops, and poles, but those were not included in this book. Susan Green and Don Peloubet spent many long hours over a period of several years sorting through advertisements and articles on springs that were published in the old trade journals for carriage builders. In America the first trade journal to be published was the New York Coach-Makers Magazine in 1858, changing its name to The Hub in 1874. A second trade journal was started in Philadelphia in 1865 called the Coach-Makers International Journal, changing its name in 1873 to the Carriage Monthly. After sorting through the material from these two trade journals a second step was to cross reference the material with some 2,009 spring patents issued by the United States Patent Office.