Omnibus Brewster & Co.

OmnibusOmnibus Brewster SpecSmall country omnibus made by Brewster and Company. Large styles of omnibus were most often used as public conveyances, to carry many passengers. This smaller style, also known as an opera bus, was usually owned by an individual and used for general purposes whenever several people were to be carried. The omnibus featured a door in the back and two inside seats facing one another. This vehicle is marked with Brewster No. 24297. The seat cushions and interior trim are both dark blue broadcloth, with dark blue taffeta used on the roller curtains. The Side and front windows are both sliding, with drop glass for the back door. The vehicle has wooden fenders and a leather dash.

Although the vehicle is currently painted black with no striping evident, records indicate that the original color of the body is blue with black medium and broad striping.

Lamps on the vehicle are also marked Brewster & Co.