Pleasure Waggon

Dix Pleasure Wagon

Dix picture

This early historic vehicle was built in 1828/29 for John Adams Dix, who later became Governor of New York State and Ambassador to France, in addition to holding other public appointments. It was used by Governor Dix and his family during the time they lived in Cooperstown.

The body, which has been repainted black, has a curved bottom line and paneled sides rising to each end, the back being the highest part. The seat is fixed across the back and there is a second seat in the center of the body. The back seat has a leather covered squab and both seat cushions are leather covered, but not original to the vehicle. There is a folding head that rises over the back of the vehicle, covered in rubber coated cloth. This is a four-box top. The vehicle is entered by means of a step in the center of the left side only. Four axles are connected by a single wooden perch. The vehicle has coach lace trim with tan, cream and red stripe around the edge of the cushion fall.