WELCOME TO THE Carriage Museum of America

In 19th century America, horse-drawn vehicles were a way of life. These vehicles were designed and customized to meet the transportation needs and desires of every American, from farm wagons to doctor’s buggies, lady’s phaetons to bachelor broughams. The improving technologies and changing designs of these vehicles clearly reflect the growth of American industry and society during this time.

Over the years, much of the information that once existed about these vehicles has been lost. The library and archive collection of the Carriage Museum of America is made up of the trade journals, photographs, carriage catalogs, and books that document this period in America’s history. By preserving these resources, the CMA safeguards an important component of America’s past, which is still enjoyed by many in the present.

Researchers are welcome to visit the library in person, make use of the resources available through our website, or contact us to learn more about how we can help with your specific project.

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