Two Wheeled Vehicles

Breaking Cart:  Used for training horses to harness.  Characterized by proportionally longer shafts, sturdy construction and ease of entering and exiting vehicle.

Breaking Cart

Cape Cart: Two wheeled vehicle common in South Africa and Australia.  Usually equipped with pole and falling top and seats to carry four passengers.

Cape Cart

Dog Cart:
Originally used to carry dogs into the hunting field.  Ventilation is provided by the slates on both sides.  Can accommodate up to four persons, seated dos-a-dos.  A Dog Cart on four wheels in called a Dog Cart Phaeton. The two wheeled variety is often used in tandem driving.

Dog Cart

A family of vehicles that are characterized by the method of hanging the body on braces from the springs. Generally, the type of springs used gives the name to the type of Gig.  Shown here are a Tilbury and a C-Spring.  Other common varieties are Dennett and Stanhope.

Tilbury Gig


C-Spring Gig

Governess Cart:
A type of light wagonette used mostly by children and their caregivers. Entry is through a small door in the rear and the body is frequently
wicker. A larger variety, for use by adults, is called a Tub Cart.

Governess Cart

Hackney Cart:  The term “Hackney” has several different meanings.  When used
with a capital “H”, it refers to a particular breed of horse.  Hackney is also a term
given to a horse and/or carriage for hire.  When applied to this particular two
wheeled vehicle, it has another meaning.  The Hackney Cart was specially
designed to be used with a high stepping horse for exercising and general driving purposes.  It is constructed with the fulcrum shaft principal so that the motion of
the horse is almost entirely eliminated.

Hackney Cart

Irish Jaunting Cart:
  Two wheeled cart developed in Ireland around 1815.  
Consists of two seats arranged lengthwise over the wheels with a well for small
packages between the seat backs.  The driver’s seat is above this well.

Meadowbrook or Long Island Cart:
A low slung, easy riding cart, entered from
the rear via a hinged seat.  Curved wooden fenders are common features and they
are typically finished in natural wood.   The generic term for this vehicle is
thought to have been derived from its popular use in following The Meadowbrook Hounds, the local pack of foxhounds.

Irish Jaunting Cart



Road Cart:
 A light, economical cart, commonly with one-passenger seat mounted
on springs over the axle.

Road Cart


 A two wheeler designed for track use.  Very lightly constructed, consisting
of:  wheels, axle, skeleton driver’s seat and a pair of shafts with stirrups for the
driver’s feet.



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