Collection of Essays on Horse-Drawn Carriages and Carriage Parts

Dr. Gordon S. Cantle, MSc. Tech., MIMechE., The Carriage Museum of America, Inc., 1993. 81 pages. Illustrated with line drawings and diagrams. Covered in coated paper.
The first publication to be offered by The Carriage Museum of America, is the compilation of the innumerable essays and articles written by Dr. Gordon S. Cantle. These have appeared over the years in various magazines, starting with Heavy Horses and Driving, The Carriage Journal, International Horse and Horse & Driving, among others.
Long recognized by carriage enthusiasts for his expertise and thoroughness, Dr. Cantle had found an outlet for his many talents in studying and writing about the technicalities involved in coach building and carriage-making. Some modern carriage builders have found in those articles a solution to many problems as well as explanations, which provided a deeper understanding of the principles and practices upon which the carriage industry relied for integrity.