Manual of Falling Bow Tops for Horse-Drawn Vehicles

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This is the first comprehensive book on the subject of falling tops, such a book was not even available during the carriage era. The book covers a period from 1860 to 1900 and it is very specific about the different drafting and construction techniques and styles for a certain time period. The subject of curtain fasteners would fill up a book by itself. Due to limited space only the major curtain fasteners were included that were advertised in the trade journals. However, an extensive list of patents for curtain fasteners and tops is included for reference.
In-depth chapters are included for the following types of falling tops: Buggy Tops, Tops for Drop-Front Phaetons, Close Tops (Victorias, Cabriolets, Stanhope Phaetons, Portland Cutters, etc.), Extension Tops, Landau Tops, Landualet Tops. Landau tops are the most difficult tops to make and this book gives detailed illustrations for both the Lohner and Kellner system of hinges.