The Great Blue Army Wagon

Wagons used and developed by the Quartermaster Department of the U.S. Army were perfected over many years and long miles on the western trail. The Six and Four-Horse or Mule Wagons, as well as the Army Escort Wagon, proved to be such an effective means of transporting supplies, that they saw extensive service well into the Twentieth Century. This exhaustive volume follows the wagons? development from the Revolutionary War through their use in the First World War. The dimensions, drawings, correct paint colors, and harness details that are included make this a valuable addition to the bookshelves of restorers and re-enactors alike.
Author Thomas Lindmier, noted Military and Western Historian, has spent 20 years researching his subject, and has restored a number of these wagons for the National Park Service.
144 pages, soft cover. Black and White photos with some color pages.