Stanhope Runabout Sold by J. Curley of Brooklyn, NY

Stanhope Runabout

Stanhope Pillar Runabout Tag

This is another example of a light driving vehicle. In keeping with the Stanhope style, the body was placed on a locker, which made it convenient for carrying luggage or parcels.  It is also identifiable by the presence of a Stanhope pillar. The body is black with faux louvers, painted red with narrow black striping. The Stanhope pillar and front sill are also painted red. The seat is spindled, with tan Bedford cord trim in the muffin pattern. The vehicle has leather fenders with loop ends. The gear and wheels are painted maroon with double striping in black. This vehicle has elliptical springs in front and back, which was typical of four-wheeled Stanhope vehicles.