Carriage Museum Of America - Committees: Missions and Chairpersons

CAA-CMA Relationship

Horace Davis (Chair)

Goals for 2010:

  • Clarify and optimize working relationship with the Carriage Association of America.


Ken Wheeling (Chair), Merle Ware

Goals for 2010:

  • Inventory CMA assets in storage to decide which to deaccession and how, what to keep and where to keep them. This should include the inventory of the Gerde Library.  A plan should be created for the many multiple copies this collection includes.  Possibly a silent auction similar to the National Sporting Library to deaccession books.
  • Assess the need for a larger space.
  • Conservation of the carriage collection – monies from the deaccession of carriages can be used to begin a conservation project.


Gloria Austin, William Cook
The Mission of the Development Committee shall be to periodically recommend to the Board policies and activities to increase the financial reserves of the organization.

Goals for 2010:

  • Grow Permanent Fund.


Ken Wheeling (Chair), Gloria Austin, Horace Davis, John Sowles
The Mission of the Education Committee shall be to periodically recommend to the Board plans and programs to improve the educational activities of the organization.

Goals for 2010:

  • Design exhibit for 2010 World Equestrian Games.


John Greenall (Chair), John Sowles, Stewart Morris Jr., Harvey Waller 

The Mission of the Finance/Budget Committee is to regularly review the financial records of the organization and propose, to the Board of Trustees, for their approval, an annual budget. The committee may also make recommendations, from time to time, for actions and policies to improve the financial well-being of the organization.


Harvey Waller (Chair), Stewart Morris Jr.


Jerry Rider (Chair), Billy Morris, Gloria Austin

Office Operations

Horace Davis (Chair), John Greenall
The Mission of the Operations Committee is to provide oversight of the business operations of the organization and periodically make recommendations to the Board.

Permanent Site

Horace Davis (Chair)

Goals for 2010:

  • Develop a housing plan for the CMA and its library and carriage collection.


John Sowles (Chair), Ken Wheeling
The mission of the CMA Publications Committee is to make available to the general public, information on animal-drawn vehicles and related subjects by making available rare and out-of-stock books and articles, publication of new materials, and use of the CMA website.

Goals for 2010:

  • Produce one to two more episodes of the Chandler DVD, using feedback from the previous episode.  Format with television outlet in mind.
  • Continue to work on book on Fire and Police Department Vehicles.


Stewart Morris, Jr. (Chair), Horace Davis, Stewart Morris, Sr., John Sowles, Ken Wheeling, Katharine Magruder
Annually evaluate the goals and strategy of the CMA and propose changes to the Board at the first board meeting of the CMA each year.

Tech Team

Stewart Morris, Jr. (Chair), Ed Fiedler, Katharine Magruder, Jill Ryder, Kathi Davis
The Mission of the Tech Team is to analyze the CMA systems, databases and information technology and to make recommendations for the enhancement of their use in the Carriage Museum offices as well as the distribution of information and communications to interested parties and to the public.

Web Enhancements for 2010:

  • Create page describing and linking CAA and visa-versa.
  • Create recommended reading page on following topics:  Painting, trimming, turnout, driving, Jr. Drivers, fiction for horse lovers (youth and adult).
  • Add to and grow the List and description of carriage manufacturers using previously published articles. 
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