Mark Cross Harness

Harness Detail Mark Cross Factory

The Carriage Museum is proud to conserve and display this beautiful harness, made by Mark Cross & Co. of Boston, Massachusetts for Matthew Chaloner Durfee Borden in 1912.

In 1845, an Irish saddler named Henry W. Cross opened his own leather goods shop on Boston’s Summer Street and named it after his son Mark who joined the business at age 17. Their reputation for fine work was soon established and the harness and saddles they produced were prized among horsemen.

They expanded their inventory to include stable tools and supplies at reasonable prices. Their motto was “Never to be undersold, Never to misrepresent our goods, and Never to allow a reasonable customer to be dissatisfied.” By 1872, Mark Cross opened its first store in New York City, with others following in London, Paris, and Milan.

As the need for leather goods diminished with the coming of the automobile, Mark Cross & Co. moved into the market of fine luggage and handbags for which they are known today.

Matthew Chaloner Durfee Borden View in Harness Shop