Park Drag No. 12200

Park Drag –Brewster & Co
A standard park drag built by Brewster & Company of New York (Henry Brewster) in 1901, the coach was originally sold to Judge William H. Moore and was painted a dark maroon known as “Britton Lake” and was broad striped in red.  A park drag was a vehicle drawn by four horses and used for colorful and formal outings around the park and for other pleasure drives.  The coach is complete with original lamps, roof top imperial box, pole chains, five lead bars, skid chain, ladder, ice boxes and even a crystal drawer for the rear boot.

Judge William H. Moore (1848-1923) was a lawyer from Chicago who later moved to New York and became one of the great capitalists of American founding the Moore Group, of four corporations, all of which were absorbed by U.S. Steel Corporation.  He promoted the Diamond Match Company, the National Biscuit Company, the American Tin Plate Company, the American Steel Hoop Company and the American Can Company.  He was on the board of directors of the First National Bank of New York and the American Cotton Oil Company, among others.

Park Drag

Judge Moore was a genuine horse lover and was very much involved in coaching and horse shows. His stables were called “The Rockmarge” at Pride’s Crossing, Massachussetts, and were among the best in the world.  Originally, Judge Moore utilized Standardbred trotters because he loved to drive fast-moving horses.  He later realized that high-stepping Hackney horses would make the finest heavy harness horse in the show ring.   Owning and showing the finest in the world, Judge Moore began the Seaton Hackney Farm near Morristown, New Jersey, which is now a public park.

Judge Moore often took his horses and coaches to England to compete in such famous shows as Olympia and became a well known competitor among the British.

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