Carriage Manufacturers

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In 1900, there were over 10,000 carriage builders active in the United States alone. Some of those manufacturers were very large operations, with factories stretching for many acres and employing thousands of workers. Others were much smaller, such as the village blacksmith who could take in repair work and build the occasional vehicle. All of these craftsmen were an important link in our country’s cultural and industrial evolution, and today many of them are all but forgotten by the general public. We are dedicated to preserving their skill and knowledge for today’s enthusiasts and for future generations.

Our library has collected books, catalogs, and vertical files with clippings about many of these manufacturers. We have compiled some of that information on these pages. Check back often, as more pages will continually be added! Much more information is stored in our library and archive. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Carriage Catalogs Online

The CMA Library recently purchased a book scanner that allows us to digitize the rare carriage catalogs in our collection. Click here for links to those titles, and check back often as we are continually adding more!

Additionally, many carriage catalogs have been digitized by other libraries and collections. Click here to see the list we have compiled of some of these great resources.

Highlighted Manufacturers

Carriage Catalogs Online!