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Exhibits Types of Vehicles Key Resources Carriage Manufacturers Newsletter Archives Research Assistance Over the years, the Carriage Museum of America has put together informational newsletters for its members and supporters. We have now made those newsletters accessible online. Each issue includes an original article, along with information about the activities of the organization during the previous year.

Links open (or download, depending on your browser preferences) a print-friendly pdf version of each newsletter.

  • Designing and Painting Monograms
    Fall 2014
    Learn more about monograms, with resources drawn from the trade journals in the CMA collection. The Spring 2014 visit to Augusta, GA, to clean and photograph the CMA Carriage Collection, is also discussed.
  • The Carriage in Miniature
    Fall 2010
    Throughout history and in the modern day, animal-drawn vehicles have been copied and produced on a smaller scale for a variety of purposes. This article uses color photographs and short descriptions to document the miniature vehicle.
  • Cold Feet
    Winter 2005
    Foot warmers were an important accessory for winter driving. This article documents the changes in the technology and style of foot warmers over time, with photographs and examples from The Hub and The Carriage Monthly.
  • Driving in the Rain
    Winter 2004
    For nineteenth century drivers who depended on carriages driving as their only means of transportation, driving in the rain could be a necessity. On such occasions, rain aprons made the trip more comfortable. This article focuses on the history of rain aprons and curtains, including an illustration of driving in the rain taken from Harper’s Weekly, as well as examples from the period trade journals.
  • Cane Work for Carriages
    Winter 2003
    Many horse-drawn vehicles include cane work on the body panels. This article provides historical and practical information about cane work, imitation cane work, and sham-caning. Black and white images from The Hub and The Carriage Monthly are included to demonstrate the process as well as the finished product.
  • Visiting Cards and Cases
    Winter 2002
    Visiting cards were such an important component of nineteenth century society that closed carriages included a special pocket made specifically to hold them. This article looks at the proper etiquette of calling cards, as well as the carriage accessories designed to accommodate them. Illustrations of both cards and cases are included.
  • Nuts and Bolts
    Winter 2001
    Nuts and bolts play an important role in the structural integrity of a carriage, and can also be quite useful when it comes to identifying a vehicle’s age. This article includes images and advertisements from The Hub and The Carriage Monthly, with information on the patents and other developments that influenced the technology.
  • Ice Industry and Ice Wagon
    This article includes a history of the ice trade, with excerpts and images from various periodicals of the time period. This includes information on ice harvesting and storing, the ice industry, and the various styles of ice wagons used for sale and transport throughout the country.         
  • Evolution of Traps
    With extensive use of images, patent history, and information from The Hub, this article traces the evolution of the trap from 1853 to 1897.