Volume 13 includes the following artilces:
Carriage Timber in North Carolina
Series--Taste In Colors
Series--Setting Axles
Carriage Painting--Surfacing Process
R. J. Greene, Boston
Andrew Bryden, New Haven
J. S. Leggett, Brockville
H. B. Schroeder, Mechanicsburg, PA
C. F. Packard, Wallobor, ME
William P. Boyd, Philadelphia
Long Rims and Short Rims
St. Louis Letter
Carriages in Copenhagen
Coal Box Wagon
Finish of Door Heavy Work
J. S. Abbot
Carriage Matters in Kentucky
Carriage Making in Vicksburg, Miss.
Rules for Building Monograms
Dash-boards for carriages
How enameled cloth is made
Carriage Drafting by Adolphus Muller
How to Stripe a Carriage
Series--Gum Copal
Testing Carriage Steps
Hammercloths and How to Make Them
Carriage Carpet
Gold Plating Hearses
Purity of Style: The Rockaway
Platform Gears
Volume 14 includes the following articles:
History of Lamps
Dishing Wheels
Iron Work for Gears
Carriage Painting--Surfacing Process
W. F. Prirce, Boston
Fred Greene, Boston
Louis Matern, Bloomington, IL
Roll Up Straps
New Circular Front Stage
Comparative Draught In Long & Short Coupling
Series--Carriage Timber: Its Selection & Use
Hanging English Quarter Carriages
Treatment of Steel
Nickel & Nickel Plating
Door Handles
Fastening Book Steps
Russian Exhibition
Naming of Carriages
Passage of the Wheel
Gridiron Steps
Treatment of Steel
Bridging Joints
Skeleton Rumble
Patterns of Broad Lace
Finish for Aprons
Letter from Germany
Dishing of Wheels
Causes of Springs Breaking
Patterns for Cutting the Circular Lining
Letter from Switzerland
History of Patent Wheels
Lessons in Scroll Painting
London Drag
Charles Porter Kimball, Portland, ME
Present Styles of Moldings
John L. Freeman, Rahway, NJ
1750 Shay
Hanging Buggies
Gilt Scroll Work
Lead Bars
Forges for Carriage Shops
White and Black Stitched Facings